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Collecting our classmates data is the single most important portion of the task at hand. I have already noticed some people have registered their contact info that I have not seen on the FaceBook or MySpace pages; which means that someone out there is doing an excellent job of spreading the word. Thanks!
But we need EVERYONE to do this… even if you don’t plan on attending any of the events we plan for the future, please spread the word to our fellow classmates anyway… and let them make their own decision on whether to participate or not. Leaving your information on the [] website does not mean you are making a commitment to anything, you are just allowing us to get information to you about the up and coming events and for us to receive feedback.

Go through you phones and start calling, txting, and e-mailing!

P.S. After registering you contact info, make sure you check you email and confirm you address!

The Reunion Committee

Now that you’ve signed up for the Class of ’98 reunion list, you’ll have to check your email and confirm the subscription. If you do not do this, you contact information will not be saved!!!

We’ll use this blog to keep you up-to-date on the progress of the reunion, you might want to bookmark it. (click home to see all posts!)

We will be looking for feedback on planning so you will want to leave your opinion as a comment on this blog, a post on the [Facebook Fan Page] wall or as a post on the [MySpace wall.]

Don’t forget to tell our classmates about []

Here is the wanted list!!!