It hasn’t even been a week since our 10 year reunion, and already we have started preliminary planing for the first (that I know of) annual Milwaukee Tech Barbecue. All Milwaukee Tech Alumni are invited to attend.

Like I said before… we are in the preliminary stages of planning so here is a loose thought plan.
A proposed target date of 9/5/09… that’s Labor Day Weekend.
3 day weekends are usually easier on people that have to travel in from out of town
3 day weekends are always good for a party 😉
And it’s that one last big bash before the summer season starts to come to an end.

There were a few bucks left over from our 10 year reunion (not sure how much… Juanell is still cooking the books 😉 ), so we will roll this into the barbecue for infrastructure items… grills/coolers/ice/charcoal… those sorts of things… As far as food and beverage… we want to make this a B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own… Shhsstuff…) event, and therefore… free of charge event.
We will set up some sort of method of showing items that are needed, and a way for people to select items that they will bring. As people show up to the event with their goods, they will be given a wrist band showing the world that they are allowed to consume. Anyone that shows up empty handed will have to pay to receive a wrist band… I’m guessing anywhere between $5 and $20 bucks. Any residual cash will be rolled into the pot for the following year’s event.

That’s pretty much all I have for now…

What do you think about the proposed date?

Any questions, thoughts, or suggestions?
Please leave a comment.